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New Research Shows Lack Of Sleep Causes Fat Gains, Muscle Loss, And Hormone Reduction1

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Research Has Linked Overeating And Fat Gains To Insufficient Sleep

Lack of sleep can make you fat…

A great workout program like Fast Five Formula and a solid nutrition plan are only parts of what you need to get a lean, muscular, and sculpted body.

Insufficient deep sleep might be the reason why you don’t see the body you deserve when you look in the mirror. If that's the case, you're not alone.

Insomnia and poor sleep are likely the reasons millions of people, despite working out every day, are gaining fat instead of burning it.

Research has already shown that sleep deprivation can change how your cells respond to insulin and even how your genes affect your weight.

In a new study, published in the journal SLEEP, researchers found that after four days of sleeping only four hours a night, participants' hormone levels changed. Men saw increased levels of a hormone that stimulates appetite, and women had less of a hormone that signals fullness.

You read that right. Lack of sleep can make you eat more and gain fat.

Fall Asleep Faster Without Waking Up Groggy. Use Biohack® Bliss – An All Natural Sleep Aid Formulated with Herbal Extracts

Biohack® Bliss is a cutting-edge 100% natural formula that uses 5 special ingredients to help you get better sleep and, as a natural result… burn fat faster.

These powerful non habit-forming ingredients help you:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Get deeper sleep without disruptions
  • Wake up refreshed without feeling groggy
  • Reduce fat-gaining hormones like Cortisol
  • Increase fat-burning hormones like Growth Hormone

Simply take a dose of Biohack® Bliss before bedtime to experience deep, quality sleep.

What Are The Clinically-Proven Ingredients In Biohack® Bliss That Support Rejuvenating, Refreshing Sleep? 

This non habit-forming sleep aid is designed to improve sleep for people suffering from stress, poor sleep, or insomnia.

Biohack Bliss’ soothing blend of natural ingredients is the result of painstaking research. Our experts developed a flawless formula based on scientifically-proven ingredients for naturally tranquil sleep.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

Each dose of Biohack Bliss contains Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is an amino acid and the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in your central nervous system (CNS). GABA helps dampen nerve activity in the brain, resulting in calm feelings and relaxation.

Vitamin C

Biohack Bliss has been infused with Vitamin C. This amazing vitamin has been shown to reduce exercise-induced spikes in Cortisol (the fat-gaining hormone) and preserve testosterone concentrations.

Valerian Root Extract

Biohack Bliss’ special formula includes a quality valerian root extract. Traditionally, valerian roots are brewed for tea or eaten for relaxation and sedative effects.

Passion Flower Extract

Every dose of Biohack Bliss includes passion flower extract. Early studies suggest that passion flower extract could help relieve insomnia and anxiety.

Hops 4:1 concentrate

A potent concentration of hops has been injected in Biohack Bliss. Hops have been traditionally used to promote a calm, relaxed state and support rejuvenating sleep.

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Biohack® Bliss has hundreds of happy customers all over the world.  It’s a superior sleep supplement that really works. Read what these people said…

Great product, helps fall asleep consistently.

Verified purchase

Definitely helps me fall asleep. Good product. One thing that does seem to happen consistently is the herbal powder within the capsules morphs from a powder form to a congealed solid chunk over the course of 1-2 months. This is in a controlled temperature and humidity environment 100% of the time (in my home), while staying within the sealed bottle other than when i open it. I'm assuming this is natural and likely to happen with any product containing this mix of herbs. However, this does not seem to impact the potency as far as I can tell.

love it. also has a nice muscle relaxant effect

Verified purchase

love it. also has a nice muscle relaxant effect. doesn't knock me out but does make me sleepy and more relaxed. also helps with my thought patterns that sometimes keep me awake. not as strong as a prescription mucle relaxer.

I chose these because they contain Valeria which I have ...

Verified purchase

I chose these because they contain Valeria which I have found to be very helpful for sleep. It has worked very well, works without leaving me groggy in the morning. I will purchase again.

Biohack® Bliss’ 100% Natural Formula Is Designed to Help You Experience Better Sleep and Fat Loss

Biohack® Bliss is an all-natural supplement, specially formulated to put your body in a deeper, more rejuvenating state of sleep. It also helps with the production of hormones responsible for fat loss and muscle growth.

Better sleep + Better hormone production = Accelerated fat loss.

Biohack® Bliss can help you! Deep Sleep is key to burning fat and getting flat abs! Biohack® Bliss supports the hormones that you need to get the body you want.

Don’t Let Your Lack of Deep Sleep Stop You From Burning Fat. Try Biohack® Bliss.

If you're having trouble burning fat and getting firm abs, your lack of deep sleep may be blocking you from having a lean body with six-pack abs.

Why not try Biohack Bliss’ special sleep formula instead?

It’s been specifically designed for people who are…

  • NOT seeing results, despite exercising and eating a healthy diet
  • HAVING TROUBLE falling asleep or getting out of bed in the morning
  • SLUGGISH and slow during workout sessions
  • GETTING LEAN and want more muscle and energy… and less fat

If that sounds like you, then it’s time for you to give yourself the advantage of deeper, rejuvenating sleep with Biohack® Bliss!

Imagine Yourself… Well-Rested, Energetic, Leaner, And More Attractive

With Biohack Bliss, you can fall asleep quickly at night, and wake up refreshed. Plus, you’ll feel stronger and more energetic... and be able to burn fat faster as a result of rejuvenating deep sleep.

You have two choices:

  1. You can continue to struggle with sleep and fat loss, or…
  2. You can enjoy deep sleep, burn fat, and keep it off with Biohack Bliss.

Try Biohack® Deep Sleep today.


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