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Congratulations on purchasing the Fast Five Formula. You've made a smart choice, and here's why… You ordered the Fast Five Formula because you want to burn belly fat and get a six-pack with fast, effective workouts. And that's exactly what it's going to do for you. But let me ask you a quick question…

Do you sometimes lack the energy, willpower, or motivation to even start your workout?

Biohack® Beast Helps Boost Your Energy, Endurance, And Strength For A KILLER Workout Every Time

Biohack® Beast is like “workout willpower” in a bottle, so you work out more often and intensely, burning body fat and getting six-pack abs even faster!

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It’s Normal… For You Not To Naturally Feel Motivated To Work Out

You’ve probably tried every trick in the book to get yourself to work out so you can burn fat, lose weight, and get ripped abs.

The truth is, you typically don’t naturally feel motivated to work out... and that's okay! In fact, any trainer telling you that you have a problem because you can't get yourself to work out is, in my opinion, full of sh*t.

We all are so busy with work, family, friends, and other responsibilities that it can get really hard to find the time (and willpower) to work out.

If you can't find the energy to work out after a long day, it's not your fault.

You're not alone, and you shouldn't feel bad about it...

But you should do something about it.

The #1 Secret Bodybuilders Use for Killer Workouts, Every Time

Millions of men and women set themselves up for failure because they hope they’ll feel energized and motivated prior to every workout. That’s what the pros call “hope weight loss." And it doesn't work.

Professional bodybuilders figured that out years ago. That's why most pros take a pre-workout supplement like Biohack® Beast. It lets you easily get a potent dose of nutrients to help you almost instantly get motivated and energized to work out.

That’s the secret strategy for intense, consistent workouts that help you burn belly fat fast.

Premium Pre-Workout Supplements Can Help Give You The Edge And Energy You Need To…

  • Boost your energy so you can get up, get going, and experience an awesome workout like never before
  • Enhance your mental clarity and focus so you pay complete attention to every exercise’s movement quality, and get stronger faster
  • Increase endurance and strength, so you hit every rep with more intensity to build more lean muscle and burn fat faster
  • Recover faster so your body replenishes energy stores and repairs muscle tissue so you’re ready for your next workout

Biohack® Beast’s 6 Powerful, Proven Ingredients Supported By Scientific Studies

After years of intensive research, we’ve discovered the best formula, compounds, and ingredients that make for a killer pre-workout supplement.

Biohack Beast is infused with premium-grade ingredients at the right doses. Not only do you get a powerful pre-workout formula, but you get your money’s worth.

Our unique formula contains 6 proven, powerful ingredients to give you killer workouts, every time…

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Every serving of Biohack Beast contains 4,000 mg of branched chain amino acids to support muscle growth, retention, and recovery.


Each dose of Biohack Beast packs 2,000 mg of Beta-Alanine to delay muscle fatigue and promote rapid recovery from intense exercise.


L-carnitine is included in Biohack Beast’s special formula to help you stay focused and energized so you can train harder and longer.

L-Arginine (Free-Form)

Biohack Beast has L-arginine, a popular supplement among athletes, to increase nitric oxide activity and fat-burning in the body.

Natural Caffeine Powder

With 50 mg caffeine per scoop of Biohack Beast, this great-tasting pre-workout supplement helps enhance energy and focus during workouts.

Green Tea Extract

Biohack Beast’s formula also includes a quality green tea extract, which has been shown to be a reliable and efficient fat burner.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Biohack® Beast…

Biohack® Beast has been used by hundreds of satisfied customers. That’s why we’re so confident you’ll love this effective, high-quality pre-workout supplement.

My favorite pre-workout!

Verified purchase

Good clean energy, doesn't hurt my stomach or make my heart race like most of the others. I drink half before going to the gym, then fill my bottle up with water and sip on it while I'm working out to keep the energy going. Probably not necessary, but it works for me.My wife has started replacing her coffee with this and she loves it too.

I love this stuff

Verified purchase

I love this stuff! I drink it all the time and order it on a monthly basis. There is quite a bit of caffeine in this so I can't drink more than 2 in a row or I start getting jittery! Good stuff though!

Good product, none of the side effects I get from some pre-workout products

Verified purchase

Very good product. Gives a nice energy boost without making me feel jittery. I prefer it over pre-workout products because some of those give me a head thumping kind of rush that does not feel good at all. Nothing like that with this product but still get a nice boost for me workouts.

Works well as empty stomach pre-workout

Verified purchase

I use this on days when I do not have time to eat before going to the gym. The little bit of caffeine helps me get motivated and the aminos help me from my body trying to use my muscles as fuel (or at least that is my rationale). Tastes pretty good too.

All Pre-Workout Supplements Are NOT Created Equal. NOTHING Compares to Biohack® Beast…

Biohack® Beast is the only pre-workout supplement that combines six powerful premium-grade ingredients, supported by multiple scientific studies, at the right dose to help you get killer workouts every time.

Biohack® Beast is manufactured according to the highest standards in United States facilities certified by the FDA and in compliance with good manufacturing practices.

You get the right ingredients at the right dose. More importantly, you get your money’s worth. You might find cheaper products on the market, but none compare to Biohack Beast.

So, before you waste hard-earned money, simply try Biohack® Beast risk-free. You’ll realize how good of a deal it is.

Stop Missing Workouts. Start Working Out More Often and Intensely With Biohack® Beast…

Your life can get busy.

And it can be hard to get motivated to work out after a long day of work. Missed workouts, or simply not training hard enough results in poor fat loss, progress, and results.


Option #1 – Miss more workouts or work out half-heartedly and get poor results, if any.

Option #2 - Use Biohack Beast to help you…

  • Overcome the temptation to skip a workout or work out "later"
  • Work out with enough intensity to burn fat fast and get ripped abs
  • Start making real progress and breakthrough plateaus
  • Feel pumped to get up and go work out every single time
  • Push through even the most challenging workouts

Try Biohack® Beast Today.


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