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Would you like to burn up to 40 lb/18 kg of extra fat in only 90 days with my Accelerated Abs formula - for a one-time 80% discount?

Accelerated Abs Formula

How to burn up to 40 lb/18 kg of unwanted fat, get a flat stomach and sculpt your abs in 90 days or less - guaranteed.

In Phase 1, you will burn your first few pounds of abdominal fat in just a couple of weeks. Your metabolism will be reprogrammed and it will become three times more effective in burning fat. This phase is essential to ensure that you will burn the most stubborn abdominal fat before the end of the program.

In Phase 2, you will follow a training formula designed to tone and strengthen your muscles while you continue to burn fat. In this phase, many clients see that their first row of abdominal muscles begins to appear.

In Phase 3, I will teach you cutting-edge techniques to get the chiseled body you've always wanted. You will learn how your own body works and how to take advantage of all the "shortcuts" that will help you tone-up quickly and more easily.

The program includes all of the following:

  • 24 post-combustion workouts that last 20 minutes or less! They were each scientifically designed to be much more effect in burning belly fat than cardio sessions that last over an hour.
  • The best ab exercises that will actually strengthen your belly and define your abs without any equipment - and that can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Detailed instructions for each exercise and tips to make sure you maximize abdominal fat loss. All exercises are 100% equipment free - even for beginners!
  • Quick workouts that last less than 20 minutes and that will burn abdominal fat and sculpt your belly - even if you have a busy life! You can do them anywhere and in as short as a 5 to 10 minute break during the day. You will still lose fat faster than people who spend hours in the gym.
  • Workouts that do not require any equipment so you can burn fat and have a flat stomach in the comfort of your home. In addition, I will teach you variations so that you gain muscle mass faster in case you have teams.
  • You can say good-bye to boring cardio sessions, because you will burn fat more quickly - with 20-minute workouts!
  • Reduce the risk of injury with the Express Stretch Routine to make sure you don't hurt your shoulders or lower back - which is a common mistake that most people make!
  • New programs every 30 days to make sure you keep burning abdominal fat through the post-combustion effect. Even that last layer of stubborn fat will disappear before the end of the program.
  • Instant, lifetime access to the digital and print versions of the program: upon completing your purchase, you will have immediate access to the Member's Area. There you will have access to every workout and video. You can start now in a matter of minutes!
  • You can access the digital version of the program from anywhere in the world as long as you have a smartphone, tablet or computer!

Bonus #1: 3 Minute Meals

A step-by-step system that will teach you how to cook a week's worth of delicious, fat-burning meals - in less than two hours and for less than $3 per meal... even if you don't know how to cook.

  • Gain access to the same system I use to prepare a full week's worth of food in under two hours (including planning, shopping, preparation, and cleaning). The key is to prepare a large quantity of meals in advance and reheat each portion for two minutes when you are hungry.
  • Receive a set of delicious and simple recipes that are easy to prepare - even if you don't know how to cook.
  • Learn the exact method I use to prepare delicious recipes for less than $3 a meal.
  • Discover the secrets of adding flavor to your meals with marinades and sauces that won't hinder your progress.
  • Learn how to serve "perfect" portions without having to count calories. I'll also show you why calorie-deficient diets make you gain fat, and the secrets to eat more and still have a flat belly.
  • A little-known technique that will allow you to "cheat" at parties (pizza, beer, fried foods, etc.) and yet you will still keep losing fat. (Hint: this is possible by taking advantage of your "anabolic" hormones the next morning through a simple nutrition technique I will teach you).
  • Gain access to recipes that take away hunger and that can be prepared in less than five minutes - and cost less than $2. These recipes are designed to allow you to lose abdominal fat quickly even if you spend a lot of time traveling, sitting in the office, etc. Not only will they eliminate those annoying junk food cravings that make you fat - but they will save you a lot of money.
  • Find out which alcoholic beverages should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS, and the ones that you can have instead when you go out - so that you keep your belly flat and defined.
  • The three little-known supplements that increase fat loss, and the right brands and doses for you. (You will save a lot of money when you stop buying 99.9% of supplements out there - which are mostly scams).
  • The little-known supplement that will allow you to burn fat quickly without losing even a single pound of muscle.
  • The most effective strategies to get rid of that "stubborn" abdominal fat - in case you just can't seem to lose the fat that covers your last row of ab muscles.

Bonus #2: The Exercise Vault

Unlock my "Exercise Vault" of over 100 fat-burning exercises.

  • Images and detailed instructions for each exercise, including tips to maximize fat-loss!
  • For Men: the 15 best exercises that will help you build your upper body and give you a huge chest and large shoulders and arms.
  • For Women: the best exercises to work on your "trouble" areas and tone up your belly, butt and thigh muscles.
  • The 19 best ab exercises to tone your abs and sculpt your own six-pack - from top to bottom!

Bonus #3: Injury Armor

Sudden and progress-killing injuries WILL happen if you don't take the necessary steps to prevent them! Injury Armor is a 5 minute routine that you will complete before each workout to "shield" yourself against injuries.

  • A 5 minute, equipment-free routine you will complete before EVERY workout to shield yourself against injuries.
  • Learn why stretching after your workouts is USELESS to prevent injuries... and the three important reasons why you need to stretch BEFORE your workouts.
  • Discover an easy strategy to avoid injuries - even when you don't have time to stretch at all.
  • A revolutionary $20 tool you can use to recover faster from existing injuries!

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