Abs of Steel

6 killer circuits that will tone your abs and make them pop out! Sculpt your stomach into a chiseled set of six-pack!

  • 6 quick circuits that will shock your ab muscles and force them out... even if you've never managed to bring your abs out before.
  • 100% equipment-free training! You can start Workout #1 in the next few minutes - and in the comfort of your own home!
  • A personal trainer at the palm of your hands! Training programs that are simple to understand and that are available in digital form and print.
  • FAST workouts! Sessions that last 10 minutes OR LESS - so that you can burn your abdominal fat and sculpt your abs even during those extra busy days! You can complete each exercise anywhere and in as short as a 5 to 10 minute break in your schedule. Do this and you will still lose fat 3x faster than people who spend hours in the gym (thanks to the post-combustion effect).
  • No more boring cardio sessions! According to recent studies, post-combustion workouts are 3x shorter and burn abdominal fat much faster.
  • Lifetime access! You have lifetime access to the program when you register today!

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